Terms of use

These terms of use (hereinafter, the “Terms of Use”) regulate the services of the Internet portal www.idac.gob.do (hereinafter, “the Portal”) of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (hereinafter, “the IDAC”), Autonomous Public Service Institution, legal continuation of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), a specialized and technical public entity, with legal personality, its own patrimony, power of regulation, decision and authority to implement its internal organization. with its registered office and main seat located at the intersection formed by Ave. México corner 30 de Marzo, Gazcue, Santo Domingo de Guzmán, National District, Capital of the Dominican Republic.

The use of the Portal gives you the status of Portal User (hereinafter, “the User”) and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions established in the Terms of Use and the Policies published by IDAC at the time the User accesses the Portal. Therefore, it is necessary for the User to read these terms carefully each time they use the Portal, as they may be modified without prior notice. If you do not accept all the Terms of Use, do not use this Portal.


Through the Portal, IDAC provides Users with access and use of the services, information and content (hereinafter, “the Services”) made available by IDAC or by third parties.

Conditions of Accessibility and Use of the Portal

Free access and use of the Portal

The provision of the Services, by IDAC, is free for the User. Notwithstanding the foregoing, some of the Services provided by IDAC through the Portal could be subject to the payment of a fee which would be established therein.


IDAC reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained in the Portal, and may even limit or deny access to said information.

User Registration

In general, the provision of the Services does not require prior subscription or registration by the User.

Veracity of the information

All information provided to the User through the Services must be truthful. For this reason, the User undertakes to guarantee the authenticity of the data provided as a result of the requirements of the forms necessary to subscribe to the Services. Similarly, it will be the responsibility of the User to keep all the information provided to IDAC duly updated in such a way that it responds, at all times, to the real situation of the User. In any case, the User will be solely responsible for the false or inaccurate information made and for the damages that may be caused to IDAC or third parties due to the information provided.

Intellectual Property

All the content of this Portal, be it texts, data, images, software, photographs, illustrations, video, messages, compilations, brands, logos, color combinations or any other element, its structure and design, the selection and Form of presentation of the materials included in it, and the programs necessary for its operation, access and use, are protected by intellectual property rights, of which IDAC is the owner, or third party licensors, that the User of this Portal must respect. It is not allowed to copy, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, translate, modify or create derivative products of the content of the Portal, in part or in full. Likewise, it is prohibited to rent, disclose, publish, sell, assign, lease, license, commercialize or transfer the content of the Portal, or part of it, and use it in any way that has not been explicitly authorized in this agreement.


The Portal User must refrain from deleting, altering, evading or manipulating any protection device or security system that may be installed in it.

Protection of personal data

To use some of the Portal Services, the User must previously provide IDAC with some personal data (in what follows, “Personal Data”).


IDAC will automatically process Personal Data for the purpose and conditions defined in its Privacy Policy.

IDAC does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the Services provided by third parties through the Portal that may cause alterations in the User’s computer system (software and hardware) or in electronic documents and / or databases. data from your computer system.


The IDAC has adopted the levels of security and protection that it considers to be sufficient and necessary and tries to install the technical means and protection measures that are becoming necessary. However, the User must be aware that security measures on the Internet are not inviolable


IDAC may use cookies when a User browses the Portal’s Web sites and pages. The cookies that can be used on the Portal’s Web sites and pages are only associated with the browser of a specific computer (an anonymous User), and do not in themselves provide the User’s name and surname. Thanks to “cookies”, it is possible for IDAC to recognize the browsers of registered Users (after they have registered for the first time); This helps them not have to register each time they visit the areas and Services reserved exclusively for them. The “cookies” used cannot read “cookie” files created by other providers. The User has the possibility of configuring his browser to be notified on his screen of the receipt of “cookies” and to prevent their installation on the hard drive.

Presence of cookies

To use the Portal, it is not essential to install the “cookies” sent by IDAC, without prejudice to the fact that in this case it may be necessary for the User to register each time they access a Service that requires prior registration.

The Content of the Portal

  1. IDAC, through the Portal, offers its content as a service to its Users. The Content can be used for informational and / or educational purposes, or in the way the User wishes. IDAC is not responsible for errors or omissions that such material may contain; Furthermore, it does not guarantee, in any way, the contents of the Portal.
  2. IDAC authorizes you to download the contents, copy or print any page of the Portal, but exclusively for your personal use and, as long as, with it do not infringe the copyright or any other property right of the IDAC, nor change, modify, or delete any Information, content, or its warnings. The copy of Information should not be understood as an authorization to transfer IDAC’s property rights to You or to any Person.
  3. The Portal and its contents may contain errors, inaccuracies or omissions. IDAC does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or veracity of the contents or of any statement or any other information published on the Portal. The User accepts that any decision, once this warning has been made, will be assumed at their own risk.
  4. The IDAC is not responsible for the interpretations of the content of the Portal, nor for the improper use of the same and of its Services and information; Similarly, it will not be held responsible for damages caused directly or indirectly by or to those who were encouraged to make decisions or measures when consulting the Portal. Nor will it be liable for damages or losses, direct, indirect, or otherwise, that may result in the suspension or termination of the services, content, or information provided through the Portal.
  5. The IDAC is not is responsible for the possible discrepancies that may arise between the version of its printed documents and the electronic version of the same published on the Portal.
  6. IDAC does not assume responsibility for any information or content that has not been created by The IDAC, therefore, will not respond to any damages that may arise from the use of said information.
  7. The IDAC is not responsible for damages or losses derived from the access, use or misuse of the contents of the Portal.
  8. IDAC reserves the right, directly or through a designated entity, to supervise, restrict access, modify or delete any Content available through the Portal.
  9. The IDAC reserves at any time the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Services (or part of them), as well as their use or access, without the need for prior notification.The IDAC may also delete or prohibit access or use of all the Information and related files IDAC will not be liable to you or to third parties for modifications, suspension or termination of the Services or for the loss of related information.

Restrictions on the use of the Portal

  • The IDAC authorizes him to access and use the Portal and the Services, and the User accepts that his non-observance of any of these conditions will constitute a breach of these Terms of Use on his part:
  • The User undertakes not to circumvent, deactivate or manipulate in any other way (or try to circumvent, deactivate or manipulate) the security functions of the Website or other functions that (i) prevent or restrict the use or copy of the Contents, or (ii) that apply the limitations to the use of the Portal or the contents offered through the Portal.
  • The User undertakes not to use the Portal or the Services for any commercial purpose.
  • The User undertakes not to collect personal data from any user of the Portal or the Services .
  • The User acknowledges that they are solely responsible (without IDAC assuming any responsibility against the User or any third party for) the breach of their obligations under the Terms of Use and the consequences (including any losses or damages that the IDAC may incur) derived from said breach.

Changes to the Terms of Use

  • IDAC can modify these Terms of Use at any time by simply placing the modified conditions on the Portal.
  • The User acknowledges and accepts that if he uses the Services after the modification date of the Terms of Use, IDAC will consider that your use of the Services constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms of Use.
  • The User has the obligation to periodically check the Terms of Use to keep informed about the possible existence of changes.