Frequent questions

1-What are the requirements for the different licenses?

For the eligibility requirements, knowledge, experience, expertise it is correct to refer to:

  • RAD 61 – Pilots, student pilots, flight instructors, ground instructors
  • RAD 63 – Flight crew, except pilots.
  • RAD 65 – Aeronautical personnel on the ground or that the flight crew does not perish.

2-How long does the process of issuing a license take?

The issuance process since all the documents are complete, and the applicant’s file is reviewed, normally takes 4 to 5 business days. But remember that you must make an appointment with the licensing department to take your photo and verify your data first.

3-What are the requirements for the medical check-up?

You must contact an aeronautical examining doctor for more information about your certificate, the telephone numbers and contacts of the designated examining doctors are available on the Web in the contacts of the IDAC licensing department.

4-Why do I have to pass three subjects to obtain the student pilot license?

Our Dominican Aeronautical Regulation dictates in its Section 61, sub-section 61.87 that for a student to be able to fly they must only have received theoretical instruction and have passed an exam in:

  1. Sub.- sections of RAD 61 and 91
  2. Rules of procedure of the airspace for the aerodrome that the flight is only going to be performed
  3. Flight characteristics and limitations of the aircraft to be used. All of these foundational areas of knowledge must be reviewed by the instructor and scored 100% prior to the Solo flight.

5-What happens if I lose my license?

You must notify the IDAC licensing department as soon as possible, and apply for a loss of license process uses an IDAC 3000-6 form and is self explanatory. While you get your new permanent license, we give you a temporary one that lasts 60 days.

6-Do I need to have a valid medical certificate to obtain the aeronautical personnel license?

No, not to get a license change. But if you go to a practical exam or want to exercise the privileges of your license, yes. Please refer to RAD-61, RAD-63, RAD-65, RAD-67.

7-How do I maintain my recent experience as a pilot?

Read RAD 61.56, 61.57, 61.58 carefully. you are solely responsible for keeping your experience current.

8-Can my flight instructor teach me if he is not assigned to a school?
Your flight instructor is licensed to guide you through the entire aviation learning process, at this time, according to the new RADs, any flight instructor who has a license authorized by the IDAC will have the responsibility of training under the safety standards to any pilot candidate but not necessarily must be attached to a school. To give you instruction, you only need to have a syllable pre-approved by the IDAC.

9-Does my pilot’s license have an expiration date?

No, the only licenses that expire are the flight instructor licenses and the student pilot certificate, which lasts 24 months for both.

10-What is an emergency license?

It is a license that is issued based on your current aeronautical personnel file and is issued for loss or destruction, its duration is 30 days and it is a certification of your qualifications and type of license.

11-What is a temporary license?

It is one that is issued after a flight check, or for administrative reasons where the person is provided with a temporary certificate with a duration of 60 days, typically expires on the last day of the second month of the original date of issue. . For example, if you are issued a temporary license on April 3, 2007, it will expire on June 30, 2007.

12-Why is my flight book so important?

Your flight book is your historical life as a pilot in terms of your experience, therefore it must be as accurate as possible, all your endorsements are important for any eventuality, it is always good to keep a parallel historical file to back up your information.

13.- Where can I find study material for the different theoretical and practical exams taught by the IDAC?

In the Exams division of the licensing department you will be provided with a free CD with the bank of questions corresponding to the license or qualification you are looking for. This includes the Practice Test Standards that will also be available online.

14-Is there a place where they teach me to fill my flight book?

There really is no written procedure to fill out the flight book, but if your intention is to continue your professional life try to be as neat as possible always using the same color pen (preferably black) and keeping all your endorsements up to date . Be constant where you put the information and be careful when adding to having doubts, you can always contact the provider of the book and ask for assistance.

15-What type of medical certificate do I need for the different types of licenses?

License (Pilot-TLA) must possess to exercise privileges to your type of license, you need a First Class Medical Certificate whose duration is 6 months License (Commercial Pilot) must possess to exercise privileges to your type of license, you need A Second Class Medical Certificate whose duration is 12 months License (Private Pilot- and any other aeronautical personnel that requires a medical certificate) must possess to exercise privileges of their type of license, you need a Third Class Medical Certificate whose duration is of 24 months if you are over 40 years of age and 36 months if you have not reached them.

16-What are the different licenses issued by the IDAC Licensing department?

  • Student Pilot Certificate
  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Airline Engineer Flight
  • Cabin Crew
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Air Traffic Control