Evaluation of new projects in International Airports, runways and domestic aerodromes

Study the proposals presented by Aerodrome operators so that they comply with national regulations and Operational Safety.

Delivery time

30 business days


RD$ 2,000.00


Face to face

Addressed to

Responsible area

Directorate of Transparency and Citizen Attention

Hours of Service

Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


809-274-4322 ext. 3208, 3211



  • Requirements to obtain the service
    1. Operator request
  • Procedure to follow to obtain the service
    • Verify that the documents deposited are in accordance with the applicable laws.
    • Go to the Transparency and Citizen Attention Offices (TAC), to verify and deposit the documents.
    1. – Main Office, located in the Edificio de la Avenida México esq. March 30.
    2. – Norge Botello, located in the Norge Botello Building at Las Americas Airport.
    3. – Joaquín Balaguer International Airport, located in the IDAC administrative offices.
    4. – Cibao International Airport, General Aviation Building, Second Level
    • When your turn corresponds, deposit a receipt for payment of the service and all the required documents. You will receive a certificate specifying the time, day, month and year.
    • After the delivery time has elapsed, withdraw approval for evaluation of new projects in International Airports, runways and domestic aerodromes, at the TAC by presenting your identity document.
    • Sign acknowledgment of receipt of the document.
  • Additional information about the service

    ** You must keep the payment or transfer flyer, since this document and the other requirements of the process must be presented at the time of picking up the product and / or service.