Approval of Aerodrome, Airport or Heliport Constructions

Evaluate the viability taking into account that it complies with the regulations established for the operation design of new aerodrome projects, carrying out a technical study of all the aeronautical and public parts of the project.

Delivery time

50 business days


RD$ 5,000.00


Face to face

Addressed to
Applicants Natural Persons

Responsible area

Directorate of Transparency and Citizen Attention

Hours of Service

Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


809-274-4322 ext. 3208, 3211


  • Requirements to obtain the service
    1. Heliport construction request form IDAC-DVSO-AD-FCO-02, duly filled out.
    2. Letter addressed to the Director General requesting approval for the construction of a heliport.
    3. Documentation that proves the possession or use of land in the place where the heliport is to be built.
    4. Map of the location of the heliport containing information on communication routes and identification of the nearest town.
    5. Geographical coordinates and elevation above mean sea level (in meters), of the heliport FATO, expressed in the WGS 84 System certified by the Military Cartographic Institute (ICM).
    6. Topographic survey plan of the proposed area, dimensioned, including all objects or buildings incident to the Heliport protection areas.
    7. Obstacle plane for Conical and Internal Horizontal limiting surfaces (if applicable).
    8. Obstacle plane considered for the approach and take-off surfaces, covering an area of ​​1,800 m in length from the inner edge of the FATO and from the end of the safety area, with a final width of approximately 300 m, according to the helicopter type design. The location of all possible obstacles must be indicated, by means of geographical coordinates, elevation of the terrain and elevation of the upper part of the same, in relation to mean sea level.
    9. Two climb surfaces are required for take-off and approach, separated by at least 150º, with their plane of obstacles each.
    10. Plan in plan and profile of the heliport, with its corresponding dimensions, as well as its security strips, type of platform that the heliport will have and its resistance.
    11. Horizontal signaling plan to be used, indicating the place where the windsock and luminaires will be installed (in case they are to be used at night).
    12. Specifications of the design helicopter: model, year, number of passengers, type of performance, maximum weight.
    13. Design helicopter dimensions: width, length, maximum rotor diameter, main gear wingspan.
    14. In the case of elevated heliports, it must also be indicated: elevation in relation to the mean sea level of the building where the construction is projected, height of the building, structural calculations that specify the resistance of the building for aircraft operations in the surface where the helideck is to be built.
    15. Aeronautical data must be indicated as specified in RAD14-Volume II, numeral 14.5
    16. Restrictions: Heliports must not be built at a minimum distance of 0.5 nautical miles (926.00 meters) from the Presidential House, nor in military zones restricted to air operations.
    17. The IDAC-DVSO-AD-FCO-03 Construction Authorization Fee Payment Form will be attached
  • Procedure to follow to obtain the service
    1. The applicant must pay the sum of RD $ 5,000.00 at the time of depositing the file for the authorization for the construction of a heliport. If the payment is made by check, it must be certified and payable to the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation.
    2. The certification will be granted in the name of the owner. In the case of an attorney-in-fact for a certain company, the legal power that supports it for their representation must be attached.
    3. Once the information has been reviewed and processed, before starting the construction, the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation will proceed to an inspection of the place where the heliport is planned to be built, after which the construction permit will be granted, if applicable. .
    4. After completing the construction and prior to the start of operations, the user must request the IDAC, the final inspection to verify the approved physical characteristics and the authorization of operation. Attach to the form IDAC-DVSO-AD-FCO-09-Form Heliport Construction Completion Notification.