Idac’s Director highlight institutional achievements

Román E. Caamaño reveals statistics of international passengers exceed prepandemic figures  



Santo Domingo.  Idacs general director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (Idac), Román E. Caamaño, revealed that the past month of october the international passenger air  transport in the country beat the statistics in the same period of  2019, reaching a level of normality similar to the prepandemic stage.  


The director explained that in the progressive monthly comparison of the year 2021 compared to  2019 there has been a gradual  closing of the great  gap cause by the fall in aeronautical activity,registering in october a higher  growth to  9.3 per cent compared to the same month two years ago.  


He indicated, that this data is a sample of the remarkable  contribution that the dominican aeronautical sector has made to the “Responsible Recovery Plan of the tourism sector”, launched by president  Luis Abinader on august 26 of  2020,two week after he have started his government management.  


During his conversation with national journalist, Caamaño went through the magazine to the principals Idac’s achievement , highlighthing that in the first year of the current government was possible to mantain the operability of the institution  with a saving of 18%, percent equivalent to  595 millons of  pesos.   


He assured that the effort of the new management didnt limit to recover operational normality affected by the health crisis but also to raise the efficiency ranges and operational safety, what does the country condition demand as the first touristical destination in the caribbean where air activity its a fundamental platform.  


He highlighted in that sense that the last year a new Institutional Strategic Plan was launched  2021-2024, aligned to the National Development Strategical Plan  and to the Government Plan focused mainly on the recovery of national tourism that impacts GDP, “And the simplification of procedures  for the provision of services and products ”.  


Likewise  Caamaño pointed that  had been iniciated, CO2 Emissions Mitigation Reduction Action Plan, with the aim of strengthening the adverse effects  derived from climate change,the main cause of global warming  


He claimed that IDACs new administration  “had managed the public resources with total transparency, reaching a level of compliance of 98% in the analysis indicator of transparency measured by the government transparency department; 97% in the indicator of analysis of accountability government normatives ; and 98% of compliance in basic internal  measured by the Comptroller General of the Republic”, adding that these  standards measure the performance of public management.  


Highlighted  that the institution  was audited by the international company SGS Panamá, which  “had  validated the efficiency of the Integrated Management System under the standards normatives Iso 9001:2015 of Quality Management, 14001:2015 Environment mManagement  Iso 45001 Health Management and and Safety at Work ”.  


“We are in the process  to certify this institute in the Normatives  Iso 37001 of Antibribery Management and Iso 37301:2021 Compliance Management. In case we obtain these certifications we would convert the  IDAC in one of the first institution  of public sector  and private in achieving  certification under  the standards of  5 ISO normatives ”.  


Other aspect that,in his opinion, shows Idac’s advances in security operationals matters, was the protocol to strengthen the coodination in search and rescue in colaboration with the southern command of the United States ,and its delegates from coast guard services.  


He explained that , thanks to the government efforts  and the lifting of international air transport restrictions, to the date, they had recovered in a  77% of  the country commercial air operations  , compared with   2019 statistic.  

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana