Idac turns on an action Plan to reduce CO2 emissions

Informative Note

Punta Caucedo. The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (Idac), headed by its general director general Román E. Caamaño and through the direction of Sustainable Development, turned on an action plan to reduce CO2 Emission (Pare-C02),in an attempt to meet and enforce the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (Icao), to convert them in applications regulations,specials programs an implementation of related projects to contain the growing of CO2 emissions as a result of aeronautical activity.

The Dominican Republic as a Caribbean Island State and with a very important regional representation role before ICAO council,acknowledge and reaffirm its responsibility in the timely and determined management of environment politics in the ambit of civil aviation.

In that context, Idac’s holder pointed that the protection of environment in the field of acting represents as an institution that pretends to be consequent with the engagement assumed together with the other institutions of the sector, fostering the aviation in a way , or in such a way that the growing of aeronautical activity does not represent a negative impact to a local air quality or international .

Román E. Caamaño,Idac general director, during the launching of Action Plan in CO2 Emission reductions.

“This administration seeks to strengthen mitigation and adaptation actions to adverse effects derivatives of the climate change what it is of high importance in the achievement of Central Government goals, recognizing that the managed it of the civil aviation international contributes positively to binding commitment established with the signature of the Dominican State agreement of climate change”, added Caamaño.

In that sense the director of Icao Environment expressed herself, Jane Hope through a video congratulated the country for its “voluntarily participation in the pilot phase and in the first phase of Corsia.The implementation actions and planting under the action plan, are a testimony of how deep engage is the Dominican State and its Aviation authority in the fight against the climate change.

In the same way Mr Max Puig expressed himself , executive vice president of the National Council for the Climate change and mechanism clean development,stated that this plan “is in synergy with the renewed climate ambition and enlarge of the Dominican Republic, expressed in its Determined National Contribution,recently updated in December 2020, searching to reduce 27 per cent of gas emission of 2030”.

Finally, Dominican Airport 21 Century director, Mónica Infante thanks Idac’s initiative, in behalf of of the parent company she represents, Vinci Airports, for its fight in favor of sustainability aand the reduction of carbon footprint in civil aviation .

“Our goal is to decrease the half of the carbon footprint for 2030 and reach cero emissions net for the year 2050”, emphasized Infante.

Idac launched officially its Action Plan to Reduce Carbon Dioxide emission C02 (Pare-CO2) accomplishing to the creation project in capacities for a program of collaboration sponsor by Icao and European union (UE) in the year 2014.

Following the alignment of President Luis Abinader after the signature of Paris Agreement in December 2015, Idac had always worked to mitigate the CO2 emission in the aeronautical sector, being a certified institution under ISO regulation 14001 in its versions 2004 y 2015, whose main goal is to prevent the pollution and mitigate the environment impact from aeronautical sector.

To the activity celebrated in the Lecture Hall of the Superior Academy of Aeronautical Science (Asca), located in the Aeronautical Complex Norge Botello,the general director Román E. Caamaño,was accompany by general sub director Héctor Porcella; executive vicepresident of the National Council for the Climate Change and Mechanism of clean Development, the general director of Dominican airport Siglo 21 (Aerodom); Ángel David Taveras Difo, executive director of the Dominican Organism of Acreditation ; Henid Arredondo, representing José Marte Piantini, president of Civil Aviation Joint (Jac) and Miguel Mejía, director of Idac Sustainable Development and activity host besides; , areas directors,department managers and special guess.

Román E. Caamaño, Idac’s general director, together with the institution officers and special guess during the launching of Action Plan of Emissions of CO2 reductions