Idac promotes good environment practices with a talk “Sustainable Mobility”

Idac’s General subdirector Héctor Porcella together with Miguel Mejía, sustainable development director, and the differents talker and Idac’s Executives. 

Punta Caucedo. The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (Idac) gave a talk under the tittle “Sustainable Mobility”, aiming to incentivate the concience about the correct and responsable use  of our natural resources 

  The talk was adressed to the Idac  technical and adminitrative staff who works in the main headquorter,in the Aeronauticals Complex,and in Las Americas International Airport   

 Another of the objectives of the talk,was to motivate the  Idac collaborators to socialize to the relatives informations to climate change and the various way to contribute  to collective or individual contributions that its knowledgment carries itself besides,to present the differents way to contribute to improve  the environment thruough mobility  or sustainable circulation ,as a preamble of the journey  “A day without car”, to be celebrate this current wednesday september  22 .  

“Thanks to attend the call of our IDACs General Director, Román E. Caamaño to this activity. We are up to the gate of the  sustainable development to world level;as an Institution and as a nation, we can not stay behind. We are engaged in offer the best to environment,in  returning its purity, by supporting  our practices of  zero pollution. We Value the support of the Civil International Aviation organization and the follow up transfer to those iniciatives”,  enlighted Héctor Porcella, Idac general subdirector, who inaugurated the activity in behalf of the general director.  


The talk of  “Sustainable mobility” counted  with the presentation  of Idac technicians : Judith de León, with the: “Presentation of sustainable development structure,advances in environment matters of IDAC”; and Gregory Núñez, with “Environment System for Aviation Protection(Aes).  


Activity counted too with the participation of  Emely Rodríguez, analist de Mitigation from the National Council for the Climate  Change  and the Clean Development Mechanism,  with the subject   “Carbon Footprint”; Alexander Javier, Sustainable Mobility Technician of National Institute of  Terrestrial Transit (Intrant), who delivered about  “Changing the way we move”; and Charlie Sánchez, president of Dominican Republic Electrical Mobility Association and  ZeroemisionRD, who boarded preciselly,, the subject about elctrical mobility in the country.  


Activity was celebrated in the Lecture  Hall of Superior Academy of Aeronautical Science  (Asca) as an essay of sustainability for the celebration of the journey “A day without car”, counting with the presence of the ideology of the event, Miguel Mejía, Sustainable Development  Director; Richard ollie, Planification and development director ; Clara Fernández, director of Asca; Danny Pérez Martínez, governor of the  Aeronautical Complex; captain  pilot Gabriel Medina Felipe, Aeronautical Advisor of Idac general director,Collaborators of the differents Idac locations.