IDAC promotes fly-in toward EE. UU. and Canada together entities linked to the aeronautical sector and local flying clubs

IDAC promotes fly-in toward EE. UU. and Canada together entities linked to the aeronautical sector and local flying clubs

Santo Domingo. The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (Idac), the Airport Department, the Specialized Corp in Airport Security  (Cesac), the Tourism Ministry  and the Dominican Airforce, will be promoting , as  dominican State representative,the private aviation tourism through the so called  “fly-in”, in coordination with locals flying clubs. 

The governing body of air space and the local aeronatical activity is the most interested in the development of this type of events ,whose purpose is the promoting of suitables areas for privated aviation tourism and therefore,the collateral benefits  that they generate as the foreign investment . 

The national  and international private aviation tourism it will strengthened with fourth  fly-in during the month of november ,in a dumbbell in which state institutions jointly with IDAC join to the private aerial sector as the 47 Dominican flying club, contributing to the growing and success of local tourism  ,where they were advertised fourth of such activities participating ten dominican airplanes  and three of flying club from San Juan,Puerto Rico . 

Idac’s general director, Román E. Caamaño, pointed out that those clubs flies  are the preamble of a major promotion of private tourism aviation toward our international and domestic airports to attract a high consumption market  of  pilots and bussinesmen  of thousands privates airplanes of United States and Canada that flies each year to the Caribbean,Bahamas and Virgin Islands. 

The first one of these  fly-in it shall be made this saturday november sixth in Constanza domestic airport, of  7,000 runway feet, where the turistical promoter  Johnny Tactuk will be recognized and the touristical promotion  Clúster of  Constanza. 

Sunday 7 it will be flying to  Angelina, Cotuí airport, whose runway is  3,000 feet, toguether with the planes of the Quisqueya aeroclub from Santiago de los Caballeros , another one of the pillars in the promotion of private tourism and that they had attended to all United States aviation fairs in Lakeland and Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The second one  fly-in it will be  saturday and sunday   13 y 14, to  Dajabon airport,to   Barahona and  Cabo Rojo, where they will go on in  an excursion by sea to Eagle Bay ,Bahía de las Águilas. 

The third   fly-in it takes place  20 y 21 of the current  month and they will fly to   Montecristi and  Puerto Plata; the last one it will be from International Airport Joaquín Balaguer toward  Arroyo Barril, in  Samaná, and then will be flying over to the new Air Park in Nisibón, to end in the International Airport of  Punta Cana, where they will be received by members of Nisibón Aeroclub.