Idac and Cef Santo Domingo sign agreement of interinstitutional collaboration

Holders of Superior Education Institute Cef Santo Domingo and Idac, Patricia Portela Piña y Román E. Caamaño, respectively, during the agreement signature of Interinstitutional Cooperation. 

Santo Domingo. The initiatives to encourage the continuous academic training across effective programs and easy access for collaborators that want to achieve a superior level in their educational process, were the main causes that motivate the Dominican Institute of civil Aviation’s holders (Idac) and the Santo Domingo Superior Education Institute Cef to subscribe and agreement of interinstitutional collaboration that will benefit the Superior Science Academy teaching staff (Asca),and Idac employees and their relatives. 

Idac, through Asca and the Cef Santo Domingo compromise themselves through this agreement to join forces of academic link in order to develop jointly educational programs, research projects in civil aviation matters and academic mobility. Besides, the agreement aims to contributes to help in raise the competivity, the innovation, the efficiency and by way of consequence the promotion of the development of civil aviation. 

In addition, the agreement contemplate that Cef Santo Domingo will benefit to Idac/Asca employee, to their direct relatives in first degree and the teachers of the academy with a (15%) in the performance of any master, diplomat course of seminary, of those it offers the referred institute in the face-to-face or semi-face-to face modalities, or virtual. 

“Idac through Asca, is following our policy to narrow intersinstitutional ties with some others organizations link either to national civic aviation and international as the academic sector, we subscribe this agreement with the Superior Institute of Education Cef Santo Domingo with the goal to promote the collaboration between both institutions, the mutual knowledge sharing aims to our teachers, collaborators and their family mainly in development matter of educational programs related to financial areas and business ”, indicated Román E. Caamaño, Idac general director. 

The Superior Institute of Education rector Cef Santo Domingo, Patricia Portela Piña, added that the agreement will allow too to formalize a strategic alliance with ASCA to design and share academic programs of continuous education and superior aims to all aeronautic industry, technical level endorsed for both institutions. 

“Similarly, we will focus in propiciate research programs,investigation, development and innovation about technical and administrative topics in favor of the aviation growing and sustainability and we will provide support to the staff training in academic area with specialized programs for the management to the institituions of superior- technical level according the requeriment of Ministry of Superior Education ,Science and technology (Mescyt) and its established by IDAC Position and Funtions Manual ”, pointed Portela Piña. 

To the agreement signature attended, in behalf of Idac, besides the general director Román E. Caamaño, general subdirector Héctor Porcella, Asca directors, Legal , Human Resources and Public Relations and Comunications, Clara Fernández, Bernarda Franco, Ana Ysa Tejeda Valdez and Priscilla Camarena, respectively as well as, George Báez, in charge of Design and courses Division TRAINAIR and Vanessa Vais, in charge of ASCA Linkage Investigation and Projects department, ASCA. 

Rector Patricia Portela Piña was accompanied by Edesio Ureña, general director of the Superior Education Institute CEF Santo Domingo, 

Cef General director Santo Domingo, Edesio Ureña, Rector Patricia Portela Piña,Idac general director Idac Román E. Caamaño, Asca director Clara Fernández and Idac general subdirector Héctor Porcella. 

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana