Idac Aeronautical complex Premieres hybrid vehicle charger

General Director of  Idac Román E. Caamaño during the tape cutting that leaves  formally installed the charger for hybrid and electrical.He is accompanied by the Subdirector General Héctor Porcella and Jacinto Peynado hijo, the donor. 

Punta Caucedo.-The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation  (Idac), according to its policy to be a friendly institution  with the environment and  naturals resources, premieres  its first charger device for  electric and hybrid vehicle, installed in the parking area  of the Norge Botello Aeronautical Complex.  

The modern equipment was donated by Porshe Center in Santo Domingo   a property of Jacinto Peynado  Junior a dominican entrepreneur and was received by the General Director of Idac, Román E. Caamaño, who thanked the gesture, calling it an act of detachment and a contribution  to preserve the environment. 

“It is always pleasant to count with disinterested contributions of external collaborator, who from their certain positions contributed   with their good actions in order the country follow the path of progress and modernity,and in this specific case, for  Idac continue at the forefront of  the new times”, pointed  Caamaño.  

The officer guaranteed that the mentioned devise will be used at it most to preserved and care the naturals resources, which is an  essential part  in Idac purposes: good practices and sustainable development.  

In the mean time, Peynado remarked that the Enterprise he represent, had assumed a commitment of social work jointly with its commercial principles, that is planning to donate around 100 devices of that kin to equal numbers of institutions.  

“We feel more than satisfied with this donation. Since last year we set out  to provide the country with the larger numbers of chargers for electrical and hybrid vehicles  being aware that with this action  we contribute to the environment cleaning”, pointed out  Peynado.  

In the Norge Botello Aeronautical Complex, located in Las Americas International Airport surroundings, it works, Flying Rules Department,Aerial Navigation, Santo Domingo Control Center, The Superior Academy of Aeronautical Sciences (Asca), and Planning and Development, among others.  

  To the equipment delivery act attended, besides  Idac General Director and  Jacinto Peynado hijo,General  subdirector Héctor Porcella  and Human Resources Director, Ana Ysa Tejeda Valdezos.   

In the act they were also : Pedro Piña, Director of  Dpto of Fliyng Rules; Claudia Roa, Director of Aerial Navigation; Fernando Cruz, Supervising Director; Bernarda Franco, Legal Director; Priscilla Camarena,  Director  of Public Relations and Communications; Miguel Mejía,Director of Sustainable Development; Abel Taveras, Finantial Director and  Gender Castro, Director de Serveillance and  Operational Security.  

After tape cutting to leave inaugurated the charger device, the Idac’s General Director and the others institutions officers accompanied the special guest for a tour in Asca premises to show them the radar surveillance simulators and fly simulator.  

During the act that leaves the charger for electrical vehicles operating , the photo shows the General Director of IDAC Román E. Caamaño, Entrepreneur Jacinto Peynado, Idac General Subdirector Héctor Porcella and others Idac institutions directors. 

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana