IDAC, Evergo y Porsche Center Santo Domingo join effort to boost electrical mobility

Electrical vehicles charger will be installed in airports around the country

Aeropuerto internacional La Romana. The Dominican Isntitute of Civil Aviation(Idac), according to its policy to be an institution friendly with the environment and natural resources,made an alliance with InterEnergy System Dominicana, an Evergo company, and Porsche Center Dominicana, in order to provide aeronautical terminals around the country of charger stations to electrical and hybrids vehicles iniciating with an installation of a charging point in this airport .

Idac, general director Román E. Caamaño valued,the disposition of the aforementioned company, for the contribution they provide to the dominican aeronautical system and above all,to protect the environment, and reduces the CO2 emission ,produce by aeronauticals operation.

“This alliance and the installation of this charger for electricals vehicles confirm the commitment made by the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (Idac) with the environment, with clean energy and with the reduction of pollutan agents in the impacts spaces by aerial operations”,pointed Caamaño.

Idac’s general director Román E. Caamaño and Wellington Reyes, Commercial and Innovation director InterEnergy System Dominicana, during the sign of the interisntitutional agreement .

Idac’s holder held that he had instructed to the state institution collaborators that provide services in the different terminals ,to stay aware in the caring of these equipments, to warrant the prolongation of a useful life, and at the same time to thanks all the InterEnergy System Dominicana excutives with its brand, Evergo, for this contribution to the dominican aerial system in the use of clean energy and ecologically friendly.

Idac already is counting with its first charger for electrical and hybrid vehicles,installed recently in Norge Botello Aeronautical Complex, thanks to the contribution of of the company Porsche Center Santo Domingo, owns by the businessman Jacinto Peynado junior.

In this alliance the installation of a charger for electricals vehicles in La Romana International Airport,participated,representing Idac, besides the general director Román E. Caamaño; Miguel Mejía, Sustainable and development director ; Bernarda Franco, Legal director; Richard Collie, planning and development director; Raúl E. Muñoz Estrada, Communication technology director and Priscilla Camarena, Communication and Public Relations director, and several areas managers.

Idac’s executives , headed by the general director Román E. Caamaño; InterEnergy System Dominicana,representatives headed by Wellington Reyes, Commercial and Innovation director; Jacinto Peynado junior, president of Porsche Center Santo Domingo y Milcíades Castillo Pujols, operation and logistical manager of La Romana International Airport , during the placement of the charger for electrical vehicles in this aerial terminal

Representing InterEnergy System Dominicana company participated mr Wellington Reyes,Commercial and Innovation director; Helena Sáenz, Communication and Share values; Carlos Rodríguez, senior manager for corporatives affairs and marketing Mercadeo; Jacinto Peynado, president of Porsche Center Santo Domingo; Milcíades Castillo Pujols, operations manager Operations and logistical of La Romana International Airport , and representing Luis Emilio Rodríguez Amiama, La Romana International Airport general manager, as well as special guest.

Electrical vehicles charger will be installed in airports around the country

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana