El Idac, DA and the IAD They carry out fact study in airport construction in San Juan de la Maguana

San Juan de la Maguana.- The government of President Luis Abinader will build a domestic airport in San Juan de la Maguana province (SJM) aiming in promoting job creation in the agriculture industry and to promote tourism and the economical and social  development of that demarcation.  

For such purposes it has been conformed a comission of factibility of such work ,integrated by the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (Idac), Airport Department  (DA) and some other authorities linked with the sector.All these officers moved to San Juan de la Maguana for a meeting with the provincials authorities. 

The Vice-General Director of   Idac Héctor Porcella, who is participating in the factibilities studies representing  the General Director of IDAC Román E. Caamaño, highlighted that that institution as a responsible body in operational security , got engage in having the technical staff and the necessary equipment to garanty the eficiency and the development  and factibility  in this aerial terminal. 

“And what refers to  Idac, as a responsable in operational safety entity,you may feel safety that well be present with our best team of technicians and the best equipment to ensure  the success of our operational safety, and in the arrives of all aircraft coming to the country  you may be secure for the success of that operational security and in the development of this airport , expressed  Porcella. 

Jointly to the Idac General subdirector, the official comission is integrated by the Executive Director of Airport Department  (DA) Víctor Pichardo and the Agrarian Dominican Institute Director (IAD) Danilo del Rosario. 

“This going to be a domestic airport that will strenghten the agroindustrial development in San Juan province, to operate as an export center for   agricultures products,but at the same time,will facilitates  to fumigate all the areas that intervine in the agricultural development in the province”, exposed Pichardo.  

By his side,IAD Director Danilo del Rosario guarranted that the govertment will respect the right of each one of the parcel “because,this is not a matter of nobody mistread ”.  

Representing the National Agricultures Products Association of San Juan, Manuel Matos, highlighted that this work not only going to be accurate for agricultural but for tourism,after he pointed out that twenty years before that province was declared as ecotourism province but till the present result of that declaration  has not been obtained .  

The Provincial governor Elvira Corporán, present in the meeting,thanks the authorities for their visit and she ponders the new airport project for the southern province. 

Authorities informed that the coming days they will offer all the details related with the aerial terminal, among then the aircraft runaway track features and others facilities for modern airport  adapted to the epoch. 

The meeting was celebrated in the provincial governors seat and counted with the presence,besides  the formerly quote,of the  city Mayor  Hanoi Sánchez, Deputy  Franklin Ramírez, General Mario Objío, General Director of Regional Police and Private Aviation representatives , among others. 

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana