DR relaunch strategy to attract private tourism aviation in U.S Air Venture fair

APLETON, Wisconsin. The Dominican Republic relaunched its strategy to attract private tourism aviation from the U.S and Canada that moves thousands of planes visiting the caribbean region each year, within the framework of the Air Venture fair in Apleton, Wisconsin, U.S, with an estimated presence of 5 thousands aircraft and more than 300 thousands visitors.

So it was informed by the general subdirector of the Institute of Civil Aviation of the Dominican Republic (Idac), Héctor Porcella, who is at the event representing the General Director of that institution, Román E. Caamaño, accompany by Víctor Pichardo, Executive director of Port Authority Department .

Porcella holds that institutions like Idac,The Port Authority Department , the Tourism Ministry,The Civil Aviation Joint(Jac),The Specialized Body in AirPort Safety and the Civil Aviation (Cesac), The Dominican Airforce (Fard), Concessioned Airports and the private ones and some others organism linked to the aeronautical sector, had joint forces in this new campaign to follow the guidelines of the President Luis Abinader in reducing to its slightest expression the bureaucratic processes in the different government bodies that are related to this area.

The executive who spoke in behalf of the General Director of Idac, highlighted that there is a government interest, and real estate and hotels sector to attract the tourism market of private aviation from US and Canada,that counts with thousands of aircrafts single and twin engines fliyng thru the northern coast of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean area spanning Bahamas and Virgin Islands , “a very high consumption market that were going to give,special attention ”.

“In order to achieve that,weve all been working jointly to past bureaucracy and obstacles to turn the Dominican Republic in a friendly country to visit and commercial and tourism deveploment in private aviation national and international as well of all sectors that affects the airports.Added Porcella.

The Dominican delegation is headed by Porcella from Idac and Pichardo,of Port Authority Department , besides pilots Luis Suazo y César Rojas, whose jointly several tourism representatives, are in charge of the Dominican Republic Pavilion and take care of the fair visitors,providing information about the attractive and facilities that our country offers to the private aviation .

The Dominican Pavillion proyects in a large screen,the different airports in the country and the attractive and facilities offers by the government of President Abinader to facilitate the visit of thousands of tourism private aircrafts , from the US,Canada and Puerto Rico.

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana