Dominican domestic airport are energized with borders fly-in

DAJABÓN— The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation  (IDAC), in the continuation of its goal to promote private and commercial aviation in the country ,headline last weekend toguether to Airport Department, Specialized Body of Airport Ssecurity(CESAC), The Tourism Ministry,The Dominican Republic Air Force  (FARD) and the 47 Dominican Airclub, a border fly-in that included  the domestic airports of  Dajabón and Cabo Rojo, in  Pedernales, with the participation of  10 airplanes of the aforementioned club. 

Since the beginning of his management at the head of   IDAC, Román E. Caamaño has been a standard bearer of this type of activities that incentivize the foreign investment    and the touristical interchanges, fot the type of promotion that is given to the most emblematic places, beautiful and developing in our country, indicated IDAC Inspection director  Fernando Cruz,who represented the general director in the activity. 

In representing Román E. Caamaño, IDACs general director,we want to let you  know that from our institution we are coordinating  all current and future operations of commercial and private flies, in order to promote the tourism of thousands of private planes that travel from the United States to our region,always garanteeing operational safety by keeping the standards that characterizing this country  to an international level on the subject  of airports  and aviation in general ”, added Cruz. 

During the fly in tours the projects were described that the Airport Department will be running  in   Cabo Rojo for the revitalization of tourism in  Bahía de Las Águilas,among those cited  the runway   rehabilitation of 4 thousands feet , a passenger receptions center, a control tower, the restoration of the FARD barracks, the comunications ,aircraft parking apron  and the aviation fueling. 

Cristian Féliz, president  of  Dominican 47 Aeroclub , highlighted that these positives news are the preamble of the alliance of all airports  sectors, government or private, who had joined toguether to subscribe a protocol for the management and development of private aviation to compete with other touristicals center in the  caribbean. 

Private and commercial tourism aircraft operations to attract a portion  of the thousands that fly every years from the United States  and Canada  toward the caribbean ,it is still an important part of the operative agenda  of this management head it by  Caamaño. 

In the border fly-in  participated, besides, the president of group M foundation , Mónica Capellán; Mario Torres,presidential advisor for bourders issues; and representing the executive director of Airport Department , Víctor Pichardo, Christiern Broberg and Priscilla Camarena, IDACs director of Public Relations and Communications. 

November has been chosen to intensify the promotion of aeronautical  activities of private and tourist character  with a series of fly-in that started  in  Constanza domestic airport in  Angelina, Cotuí, airport  days  6 y 7; days 13 and  15 they flew Dajabón and  Cabo Rojo and  they will conclude days  20 and  21 of the same month by flying to  Montecristi and Puerto Plata. 

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana