ASCA will receive recertification as a Regional Center of Excellence in Instruction

The Superior Academy of Aeronautical Science (ASCA), training body belonging to the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation(IDAC),will receive the recertification  as a regional center of excellence in instruction (RTCE) of the International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO). 

IDAC Academy will be recertificated, after having successfully passed the on’site evaluation  that was carried out  14 and 15 of current october , in which compliance  with the methodology was verified TRAINAIR PLUS in the development of instructions programs, the approval of the training organization, the structure of the instruction manual and procedure and besides, the organizational structure , including the facilities and equipment, as well as, file management and the quality system, being able to demonstrate compliance with them, in accordance with the provisions of ICAO manual of training Organization Recognition Manual of ICAO.  

 RTCE are specialized organization in certificated instructions by the ICAO, located in all regions of the world, which are  part of the program TRAINAIR PLUS, for  being organizations that had proven to comply with the provisions of the operations manual of the aforementioned program and, besides, owns the necessary capacities to give greater support to ICAO members states in its instructions activities.    

The development journey of this evaluation, had two phases; in the first one, a documentary review was carried out, last year virtually and in the second, in’situ were evaluated structural aspect, and academy archives.  

With this evaluation, ASCA reaffirm its commitment with the excellence in the aeronautical training and their interest in continuing to work in a cohesive way with ICAO and IDAC to boost significantly aeronautical training in the region.    

It is recalled that ASCA was certified as a regional center of instruction excellence in the year 2015, becoming in the first center with this category in the region.   

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana