Alta, Idac-Asca sign alliance to boost aviation development in Latin American and the Caribbean

Alta, Idac-Asca sign alliance to boost aviation development in Latin American and the Caribbean
Román E. Caamano IDAC general director and José RHO Ricardo Botelho, director Ceo of Alta and Executive Director ,in the moment of the signature of the understanding memorandum .

Punta Cana, R.D. The Latin-American and the Caribbean Association of Air Transport (Alta), The Dominican Civil Aviation Institute(Idac) and the Superior Academy of Aeronautical Science (Asca) signed today a memorandum of understanding through which they commit to work together in initiatives that promotes the development of civil aviation in the Caribbean and Latin-American area. 

As a part of this agreement ,parts will promote the development and diffusion of programs and educatives courses,like so the research and publication of statical information and trends to operational safety matters.

“We feel honored to recieve among our allies to the Superior aeronautic academy of Science institution created by the Idac TO systematized a specialized program in human talent training that demand the aeronautical sector and above all to continues to strengthen ties with the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation in behalf of the development of initiatives that benefice the civil aviation and its user”, said José Ricardo Botelho, Executive Director & Ceo of Alta, highlighted that ASCA offer more than 100 academic formation programs.

Román E. Caamaño, IDAC general director IDAC and José Ricardo Botelho, director executive director Ceo of Alta.

Aiming that the República Dominicana eis one of the main referent in the rtouristical recovery , boosting this way the parallel process of of touristc reactivation of the region aeronautical industry. “thorugh this collaboration agreement, ALTA will contribute thtah the country continuos being a reference no only as a touruistical destination ,but as a educational center , an a professionalization and capacitation in aeronautical matters”, agregó Botelho.

While the director of IDAC IDAC, Román E. Caamaño,highlighted that the new protocol will enable that ALTA-IDAC/ASCA, joint efford on the common purpose to develop formative programs to the professionalzation of the human Resources of the region,thanking ALTA fot the engagement that assumes to spread the educational programs that ASCA IS offeringthrough its institutional media of comunication .

“To IDAC-ASCA, this partnership result highly benefit since it will facilitate spaces to carry out research proyects about tendency in operational safety matters, experts exchanges to participate in events and some others actions that contributes to the sustainable aerial transport development in the region”, expressed Caamaño.

The director of the Superior aeronautical science academy , Clara Fernández, valued the the agreement importance “because will contribute to strengthen and to eficientize the main ASCA mission of forming an capacitate human resources for the service provision in the aeronautical sector and to reach the excellence levels in which Idac had engaged in all its area of competence”.

Indicated that through the agreement suscribing partrs engage to promote the overcrowded the aeronautical education and therefore to reinforced the development of the industry in latinoamerica and the Caribbean making possible too that ASCA offer to the ALTA members specials discount in its program of continuos education.

 Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana