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Good Morning Mister Marcello,

Answering your first question. When filling the appendix A, B and C of the 008-2015 Resolution and fullfiling with the others requierments that you are asked for, you will inform the places where you will be operating. In the permission that we will issue, will be described the places that you can fly, the days and the maximum altitude in which you can operate, and the permission will be delivered by email. The places that are not listed in, is because we haven’t approved it for multiple reasons.

Answering your second question. the correct thing to do is describe in the Appendix C all the places where you are thinking to fly, but in this case what you can do if you have a place that hasn’t been specified; confirm that the location is less than 5 nautical miles from the nearest airport and do not fly up level 164 feets or 50 Mt.

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